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why you should choose cialis to treat impotency
many factors can cause impotency such as for example advanced age, some side effects of certain drugs especially those that are used in the treatment of high blood pressure. if you have been experiencing episodes of erectile dysfunction, you should not worry. you need to consult a doctor for proper medical examination on whether your general health and the status of impotency requires treatment by cialis . your doctor will examine the functioning of your heart and general health. if you are found to be fit to use cialis , it will be prescribed to you. this drug can bring back that lost love. it will help you achieve and maintain erections.
what is cialis ? cialis is a prescription only medication that is used for treating erectile dysfunction. being a prescription medication, it means that it should only be sold to the patient after he has been examined by a doctor and the same prescribed to him.

Cialis Online

the medication should only be taken by men. women should not take it in any circumstances. the drug is available in various strengths. the highest strength is 20mg, followed by 10 mg, followed by 5 mg while the lowest is 2.5 mg.
because of the possible side effects of cialis , the doctor or physician will put you on the lowest possible dose. in most cases however, men tend to be put on dose of 10 mg. once the same has been prescribed, you should take it strictly as advised by the doctor or pharmacist. you should take the medication at least one hour before you engage in sex.

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in most cases, the higher dosages have severer side effects. this is the reason why doctors will always insist that you take the lowest dosage so long as it is working for you. males aged over 65 years may have to be put on lower dosages because their metabolism is slightly lower and they may suffer from many side effects.

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cialis should only be taken once per day. you should ensure that at least 24 hours elapse from the time you took the last dose before you take another one. never take this medication together or when you are taking other erectile dysfunction drugs such as viagra or cialis . never take more than 20mg at once. if after taking the drug you do not get the desired results of achieving or sustaining an erection, consult your doctor. however, in most cases it is expected that the drug will work well in causing the desired erection.
the effects of please check this source for additional information cialis online begin being experienced 15 minutes to one hour after taking it. the cialis effects on average last for period of four hours. some men claim to experience episodes of erection for a day or two thereafter taking this drug. if you experience prolonged erection, loss of vision, tinnitus, loss of appetite, body weakness, stomach cramps or other unusual side effect after taking this medication you should immediately seek medical help from a qualified medical practitioner because the side effects may cause other serious health complications or even death.